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12 Feb

Why Are Real Estate Virtual Tours So Expensive?

real-estate-virtual-tourReal estate virtual tours are perhaps one of the most important features of any real estate website. These tours are designed to allow prospect buyers to see the rooms, features and furnishings of the homes that they want to buy. They are also a great form of advertising, This may sound really convenient to ordinary buyers, but for the real estate companies that own these sites, real estate virtual tours are extremely serious investments, and this is because there are many types of virtual touring software available on the market. Some virtual tours, for example, are only interactive floor plans, which feature nothing more than a few pictures with captions, while more sophisticated variants include full service virtual tours and customer support. These kinds of tours may also include more detailed information about a property along with a more comprehensive overview of each area of the house.

real-estate-virtual-tour17Of the different types of virtual tours available, real estate 360 tours are the most common, and for good reason. These types of tours are simple and cheap. It’s basically point and look. Potential buyers get to see actual images of the property with the help of the floor plan and they come with arrows to indicate where all of the respective photos are taken, along with the location of the camera and their respective angles. In contrast, full service tours are usually created with the help of a professional photographer and photo editor. They will then process their photographs through a stitching software, who then use it to create a set of more visually pleasing images as well as an interactive system. Needless to say, full service virtual tours are more expensive than simple interactive floor plans due to the equipment, talent and resources used to create them.

googlemapMost of these tours can be found among multiple listing services, while other parties are usually in charge of the photography, the creation of the virtual tour software as well as the codes for the listings. In addition to these features, virtual tour packages can also give these listings additional exposure, and thus more prospect buyers who will look at the virtual tours remotely through the Internet. Additional exposure for various kinds of virtual tours is achieved by posting previews on YouTube and links on various social media sites. In other words, aside from creating the virtual tours, online promotion is an important part of creating virtual tours as well.

For real estate agents who are always on the go, these features make everything a whole lot more convenient. This is why real estate virtual tours cost a lot of money, because they offer a lot of benefits not only for buyers, but for the sellers and their agents as well. So basically, the more features a software has, the more expensive it’s likely going to be. This is why you should consider buying only the best virtual tours available to your needs. It’s a big investment, but the amount of business and exposure that you’ll get in exchange is well worth the cost.

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