21 May

What Is the Connection between Real Estate and Facebook?

real-estate-social-media-2Social media is the most powerful tool of social communication ever devised. More than two billion people worldwide share photos, messages, videos and personal experiences through social media. Business-people can no longer ignore the power of social media over their businesses. Failing to take advantage of technological wonder would mean losing a huge market to competitors in the same industry. Real estate marketers are a perfect example of business-people who should take advantage of social media. This is especially true when it comes to Facebook, which has more than one billion monthly users. This means that Facebook has more users than the total number of people living in North America.

The Cover Image on Facebook

social_media_realestateThere are deep connections between real estate and Facebook. The cover image on Facebook is one of the clear connections that exist between the two phenomena. A real estate guru should know how to market his or her real estate property using this cover image. He or she can use a picturesque image of real estate property that captures the imagination of his or her Facebook followers. The cover image can also help you to create a professional image for your business. People will look at it and immediately judge your level of professionalism. You should always use a good cover image so that the number of inquiries from followers of your page keeps on increasing.

The Use of Videos

Online Real EstatePeople spend hours on end chatting with their friends on Facebook or reading through their News Feed. You can capture their attention by uploading videos to your Facebook page. Their first instinct would be to click on these videos before scrolling through the rest of their News Feed. More people will watch these videos if you keep them short and interesting. You should also make sure that there is visual and audio clarity in the videos. Remember, videos generate more leads for you because they are more personalized and believable as compared to images and pamphlets.

Low Cost Marketing

Real estate marketing is expensive and at times, it can be ineffective. Reaching the required client base is becoming harder by the day because we live individualized lives. People no longer have time to view real estate properties but they have money to buy these same properties. You can now reach these people through Facebook Ads. These ads can cost less than ads on traditional marketing platforms yet they reach more people. Facebook Ads also reach a targeted group of people. These could be a group of people at a certain age and/or at a certain level of income.

As you can now see, there is a clear connection between real estate and Facebook. You should take advantage of this connection by integrating Facebook into your current marketing strategies. For example, you can introduce a Facebook icon on your website or indicate your Facebook page on pamphlets you normally distribute to potential clients. You should also consider hire a professional firm to enhance the connection between real estate and Facebook in your company. This firm would allow you to focus on your core business activities as it develops your Facebook page.

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