27 Mar

What Entails Real Estate Photography

real-estate-photo-pro1In the last few years, disposition of capital from banks and other sectors have increased and real estate is one of the fastest growing industries that benefited from the same. It is however very competitive with many brokers in the market seeking for clients and their next big commissions. It mainly involves buying and selling of land and housing/building as well as the natural resources within the land like crops, water and minerals. This means attracting buyers with new beautiful designs of architecture and homesteads. There is no better way to appeal clients’ eye than well taken photographs. Real estate photos should be taken using high quality cameras to depict the exact nature of the land and building on sale.

Investing in Real estate photography

Real estate photography is the selling tool used to entice buyers and show them what the property looks like. The quality of images used highly determines if the buyer will want to view the offer or will opt for a different one. It is therefore very important to invest in producing accurate attractively looking real estate photos. Traditionally, when real estate began, the agents relied on communication skills and personal salesmanship to verbally convince clients to schedule a viewing meeting. They also made several drawings to illustrate the design, number of rooms and other aspects like surrounding buildings, and vegetation. The advancement in technology has however improved this by the use of high definition cameras that take shots from different angles. The added advantage is that these photos can be given more effects to make them look more appealing to buyers.

real-estate-photo-professionalReal estate photography on a larger dimension includes taking photos and clips from different positions, including aerial view of the vast surrounding where the property lies. It also includes taking shots of the interior design, installations, furniture/fixtures as well as decorations. This helps the buyers to know what is contained in the buildings prior to visiting. The modern real estate business, like many others, relies on the internet for various communication and transactions. Agents and companies own websites which are rich in well designed quality photographs and short video clips that buyers can watch to get an impression about the property.

At a professional level, real estate photography involves personnel who are skilled in vicinity and picture shooting. To get better images, they invest in high power cameras and wide/ultra-wide angled lenses. Other accessories like tripods are used to adjust to different positions comfortably. Shooting often involves preparing the setting and building, including tiding or repainting. It basically refers to “grooming” the property so that the pictures taken appear as attractive as possible. Different angles and focuses should be used to get each inch of the property before heading to the editing room where they are perfected.


Real estate is highly dependent on photography to capture and display elegant appealing pictures of the properties on sale. Poorly taken pictures do not reveal every aspect to the buyer as required and may lead to lost interest or simply bad first impression and consequential loss of business opportunity. The stiff competition also pushes agents to invest in high quality photography to remain at the peak.

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