21 May

What Is the Connection between Real Estate and Facebook?

real-estate-social-media-2Social media is the most powerful tool of social communication ever devised. More than two billion people worldwide share photos, messages, videos and personal experiences through social media. Business-people can no longer ignore the power of social media over their businesses. Failing to take advantage of technological wonder would mean losing a huge market to competitors in the same industry. Real estate marketers are a perfect example of business-people who should take advantage of social media. This is especially true when it comes to Facebook, which has more than one billion monthly users. This means that Facebook has more users than the total number of people living in North America.

The Cover Image on Facebook

social_media_realestateThere are deep connections between real estate and Facebook. The cover image on Facebook is one of the clear connections that exist between the two phenomena. A real estate guru should know how to market his or her real estate property using this cover image. He or she can use a picturesque image of real estate property that captures the imagination of his or her Facebook followers. The cover image can also help you to create a professional image for your business. People will look at it and immediately judge your level of professionalism. You should always use a good cover image so that the number of inquiries from followers of your page keeps on increasing.

The Use of Videos

Online Real EstatePeople spend hours on end chatting with their friends on Facebook or reading through their News Feed. You can capture their attention by uploading videos to your Facebook page. Their first instinct would be to click on these videos before scrolling through the rest of their News Feed. More people will watch these videos if you keep them short and interesting. You should also make sure that there is visual and audio clarity in the videos. Remember, videos generate more leads for you because they are more personalized and believable as compared to images and pamphlets.

Low Cost Marketing

Real estate marketing is expensive and at times, it can be ineffective. Reaching the required client base is becoming harder by the day because we live individualized lives. People no longer have time to view real estate properties but they have money to buy these same properties. You can now reach these people through Facebook Ads. These ads can cost less than ads on traditional marketing platforms yet they reach more people. Facebook Ads also reach a targeted group of people. These could be a group of people at a certain age and/or at a certain level of income.

As you can now see, there is a clear connection between real estate and Facebook. You should take advantage of this connection by integrating Facebook into your current marketing strategies. For example, you can introduce a Facebook icon on your website or indicate your Facebook page on pamphlets you normally distribute to potential clients. You should also consider hire a professional firm to enhance the connection between real estate and Facebook in your company. This firm would allow you to focus on your core business activities as it develops your Facebook page.

14 May

Why Twitter is a Must-Have for your Real Estate Business

twitter-real-estate-2You have probably heard that you need to be on social networking platforms for your real estate business to do well. Maybe you think it is just a fuss, and you have signed up on several sites just for the sake of signing up. Do not ignore the power of Real Estate and Twitter. It can give you a worth ROI.

Some Twitter Stats

  • twitter-real-estateRegistered users (active): 645,750,000
  • Tweets per minute: They are driven by major events. For instance, during the VMA performance by Miley Cyrus, there were 300,000 per minute, and 231, 500 during superbowl
  • New members (daily): 135,000

Incredible! To succeed in your real estate business, you must go beyond mere existence on Twitter. Here is how to effectively merge Real Estate and Twitter:

1. Create a strong first impression

One of the things that people on Twitter will use to determine whether you are worth following is your logo, description and background picture. If they are relevant and attractive, they are going to follow you.

2. Create different Twitter accounts

This may seem like a lot of work, but is a smart strategy. Your personal account should be different from your listings and business accounts. This ensures that you are tweeting only what’s relevant to a specific target audience.

3. Manage your accounts

You will need to manage the several accounts, and this is where apps like Hootsuite come in. Hootsuite alerts you when some interesting information has been found, and allows you tweet on all the accounts, at the same time. It narrows down to the specific information you need depending on the settings that you have put on the dashboard.

4. Fresh, relevant and interesting content

One of the surest ways of ensure success in Real Estate and Twitter is micro-blogging. It involves posting very current news that could be up-to-the-minute. In real estate for instance, you could post current inventory levels, if more homes that week went under contact, drops in price, county proposal votes. The bottom line is that it should be interesting to your readers. Moreover, it portrays your company as an authority in the niche. You can also post local market real estate reports.

5. Link to your website

Twitter has short URLs that allow you to link it to your website or blog. When you add content on the site, just add the headline, and the URL will be shrunk to fit the 140 character space on tweets. Linking your twitter accounts to your website ensures more traffic to your website too, which could result in more leads.

6.Inform your clients

After putting up the structures of Real Estate and Twitter, it is now time to inform your existing clients. You can send them emails, asking them to follow you on twitter. When dealing with new clients or even potential ones, remind them to follow you too.

7. Some general rules

Always respond to comments, favorite your followers’ interesting tweets, know what’s trending, follow experts in your niche, and never forget the power of the #hashtag#. Creating events will also get more people tweeting.

Well, this may seem like a very easy way. It takes time and patience to get to see a worth ROI from Real Estate and Twitter. Just put in the work. It will pay off some day.

18 Apr

What About The Best Method To Market Real Estate?

Most people who go for real estate marketing aren’t genius at first and will need to learn about methods which they can use to penetrate the real estate market. It’s important to know of the methods that work and those which don’t since this will help you decide which way to go. Here are some of the high impact real estate marketing techniques which you can adopt.

Real Estate Brochures

real-estate-brochureWell created real estate brochure helps to present the house being sold to the targeted audience in the best way possible. The brochures are easy to create and there is some easy to use software that can help you generate high definition and great looking brochures within the shortest time possible. You can simply edit the brochures if there is additional information to be included. If there are modifications or improvements done on the property, it’s advisable that it be captured in the brochures which you are using to market your property. Its beneficial working with a design expert who will help churn out the best brochure to help you present the house you are selling to your targeted audience in the most fascinating way.

Real Estate Flyers

real-estate-flyersReal estate flyers can be customized to suit any marketing need that may be at hand. Flyers are among the first line marketing arsenal for any real estate marketer and can be printed or send to email list in soft form. With this method of real estate marketing, you can make your property stand out and differentiate it from others in the same locality. You can end up with a fantastic easy to print document at a small cost. But it’s important for every property marketer to have several brochures marketing the same property because this offers better returns on investment.

Real Estate Feature Sheets

real-estate-featuresheetPhotography is one of the most effective techniques of real estate marketing and provides interested buyers more information than what texts would offer. However, it’s advisable to ensure that the real estate feature sheets are of high definition and quality. If they are in paper form, using high quality printing materials would be the most advisable thing to do. To create real estate feature sheets, you can use the available templates to design the best feature sheets. It can even be better working with an experienced design expert who can help produce great looking real estate flyers which home buyers will get interested in. The information or explanation which you provide in the feature sheets should match the high resolution photos shown.

Multi Listing System

Using Multi Listing System for your real estate marketing guarantees you wider exposure. Other than helping you access buyers, other property sellers will also know about the existence of the property. However, you have top be a registered broker or a realtor to gain access to the system. With the massive exposure which the house you are marketing gets in the market, there is more possibility that it will get a buyer quickly. Make sure that a high definition photograph of the house is provided that shows all parts of the house.

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07 Apr

What Are Some Real Estate Online Marketing Strategies?

Real estate becomes very popular among many investors today. This is a promising investment that people can use to grow their wealth. Many investors want to find the best real estate that is located in their favorite location. There are many real estate marketing firms these days. Most of them want to use online marketing for promoting their property. Internet is an important tool for most property marketing agents these days. There are some effective real estate online marketing strategies that people can use for promote their real estate. These marketing strategies are proven to be very effective to attract visitors or potential buyers.

1. Use social media marketing

real-estate-social-media-marketingThis is one of the most effective online marketing strategies for attracting potential buyers. Many people spend their time in some social media sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube, and many other sites. Most property agents want to reach these potential buyers from these social media sites. Therefore, they want to learn how to use social media marketing for promoting their real estate property. It is not difficult to use this marketing strategy for grabbing attention from potential buyers.

2. Maximize the search engine optimization

SEO Perfect CompanySome property agents want to use search engine optimization (SEO) campaign for promoting their websites. When this campaign is done properly, it can be used to rank any websites on the search engines, such as Yahoo, Google, or Bing. Many Internet marketing experts believe that SEO method is very effective to attract targeted visitors. These targeted visitors are likely to purchase their favorite real estate or property. It is not difficult to apply some SEO strategies for getting high ranking on the search engines. There are some important things that people should do when they want to rank their sites easily.

3. Use the Pay Per Click program

PPC - pay per click buttonThis is another useful online marketing strategy. Some people are interested with this Pay Per Click (PPC) program. There are some PPC programs that are available today, for example Google Adwods, Facebook Ads, Yahoo Network Ads, and many other programs. This method allows all advertisers promote their sites quickly. They don’t have to wait for long time to get targeted visitors easily. People can also manage their advertising budget easily when they are using this method. This online marketing technique can be done by almost all property agents these days. This method is very easy to follow. There is no complicated procedure that is involved in this method.

There are many other online marketing strategies that can be used by most property agents today. Most marketing agents believe that Internet can bring a lot of opportunities for all real estate marketing firms. There are many potential buyers who spend their time on the Internet today. It is not difficult to advertise any real estate or property these days. Real estate is going to grow from time to time. Because of that reason, many property marketing firms are looking for the best way to grab attention from their potential buyers. Most of them want to use Internet for promoting their real estate or property.

27 Mar

What Entails Real Estate Photography

real-estate-photo-pro1In the last few years, disposition of capital from banks and other sectors have increased and real estate is one of the fastest growing industries that benefited from the same. It is however very competitive with many brokers in the market seeking for clients and their next big commissions. It mainly involves buying and selling of land and housing/building as well as the natural resources within the land like crops, water and minerals. This means attracting buyers with new beautiful designs of architecture and homesteads. There is no better way to appeal clients’ eye than well taken photographs. Real estate photos should be taken using high quality cameras to depict the exact nature of the land and building on sale.

Investing in Real estate photography

Real estate photography is the selling tool used to entice buyers and show them what the property looks like. The quality of images used highly determines if the buyer will want to view the offer or will opt for a different one. It is therefore very important to invest in producing accurate attractively looking real estate photos. Traditionally, when real estate began, the agents relied on communication skills and personal salesmanship to verbally convince clients to schedule a viewing meeting. They also made several drawings to illustrate the design, number of rooms and other aspects like surrounding buildings, and vegetation. The advancement in technology has however improved this by the use of high definition cameras that take shots from different angles. The added advantage is that these photos can be given more effects to make them look more appealing to buyers.

real-estate-photo-professionalReal estate photography on a larger dimension includes taking photos and clips from different positions, including aerial view of the vast surrounding where the property lies. It also includes taking shots of the interior design, installations, furniture/fixtures as well as decorations. This helps the buyers to know what is contained in the buildings prior to visiting. The modern real estate business, like many others, relies on the internet for various communication and transactions. Agents and companies own websites which are rich in well designed quality photographs and short video clips that buyers can watch to get an impression about the property.

At a professional level, real estate photography involves personnel who are skilled in vicinity and picture shooting. To get better images, they invest in high power cameras and wide/ultra-wide angled lenses. Other accessories like tripods are used to adjust to different positions comfortably. Shooting often involves preparing the setting and building, including tiding or repainting. It basically refers to “grooming” the property so that the pictures taken appear as attractive as possible. Different angles and focuses should be used to get each inch of the property before heading to the editing room where they are perfected.


Real estate is highly dependent on photography to capture and display elegant appealing pictures of the properties on sale. Poorly taken pictures do not reveal every aspect to the buyer as required and may lead to lost interest or simply bad first impression and consequential loss of business opportunity. The stiff competition also pushes agents to invest in high quality photography to remain at the peak.

12 Feb

Why you need to use real estate marketing videos

video-marketing-real-estate-300x240With the high number of investors venturing into the real estate industry, it is surely a hard task marketing your property. This explains why people are opting to incorporate technology in their marketing strategies. Most investors have turned to real estate video marketing a method that has proven very beneficial. Additionally, there are numerous companies offering video advertising services.

Choosing the best company to work with
With the numerous companies offering these marketing services, it might be a hard task trying to settle for the best. However, you might consider taking a few things into note in order to find the ideal company to work with. Some of the considerations to make include:
Cost of services: Different companies will charge you differently. Therefore, ensure you go for a company that has reasonable charges. This will ensure that you get value for your money by getting quality services.
Quality of services: As much as the quality of services will be determined by the cost of services, you also need to gauge the company’s competence. This will give you an insight on the type of services you will get. In order to get quality services, ensure that you choose a company that has experts who are well equipped.
Client base: You will be able to judge a company from the number of clients it serves. A reliable company definitely has a huge number of clients. This is more than enough proof that the company is reliable.

How real estate video tours can be used
Real estate videos are meant to show the buyer the various types of homes available and the features. This will ensure that the buyer is fully aware of the home that they want to purchase. Some of the ways video tours can be used in real estates include:
– Giving a clear view of the features on the property: Through videos clients can see everything in a certain property, thus they are able to make a sound judgment.
– Describing neighborhoods: The client will be able to see other areas surrounding the property they want to buy.
– Interviewing the locals: This is bent to ensure you are properly welcomed by your soon to be neighbors.
-Shows off the services that can be offered by a broker or property agent: This will ensure you get the ideal property agent to work with.

How can real estate video marketing be promoted?
There are numerous ways through which you can promote your real estate videos. This is an easy task owing to the fact that most people use the internet. Some of the ways to promote your videos are:
– Social media: With the high number of people using social media sites, you will be able to have a huge client base. All you need to do is upload the videos on social sites such as: Facebook and twitter.
– Using video sites: There are sites where you can post your videos for people to watch them. One such site is YouTube.
Marketing your property has become easy all thanks to the wide use of technology. If you are wondering how best to promote your property, try using real estate video marketing.

12 Feb

Why Are Real Estate Virtual Tours So Expensive?

real-estate-virtual-tourReal estate virtual tours are perhaps one of the most important features of any real estate website. These tours are designed to allow prospect buyers to see the rooms, features and furnishings of the homes that they want to buy. They are also a great form of advertising, This may sound really convenient to ordinary buyers, but for the real estate companies that own these sites, real estate virtual tours are extremely serious investments, and this is because there are many types of virtual touring software available on the market. Some virtual tours, for example, are only interactive floor plans, which feature nothing more than a few pictures with captions, while more sophisticated variants include full service virtual tours and customer support. These kinds of tours may also include more detailed information about a property along with a more comprehensive overview of each area of the house.

real-estate-virtual-tour17Of the different types of virtual tours available, real estate 360 tours are the most common, and for good reason. These types of tours are simple and cheap. It’s basically point and look. Potential buyers get to see actual images of the property with the help of the floor plan and they come with arrows to indicate where all of the respective photos are taken, along with the location of the camera and their respective angles. In contrast, full service tours are usually created with the help of a professional photographer and photo editor. They will then process their photographs through a stitching software, who then use it to create a set of more visually pleasing images as well as an interactive system. Needless to say, full service virtual tours are more expensive than simple interactive floor plans due to the equipment, talent and resources used to create them.

googlemapMost of these tours can be found among multiple listing services, while other parties are usually in charge of the photography, the creation of the virtual tour software as well as the codes for the listings. In addition to these features, virtual tour packages can also give these listings additional exposure, and thus more prospect buyers who will look at the virtual tours remotely through the Internet. Additional exposure for various kinds of virtual tours is achieved by posting previews on YouTube and links on various social media sites. In other words, aside from creating the virtual tours, online promotion is an important part of creating virtual tours as well.

For real estate agents who are always on the go, these features make everything a whole lot more convenient. This is why real estate virtual tours cost a lot of money, because they offer a lot of benefits not only for buyers, but for the sellers and their agents as well. So basically, the more features a software has, the more expensive it’s likely going to be. This is why you should consider buying only the best virtual tours available to your needs. It’s a big investment, but the amount of business and exposure that you’ll get in exchange is well worth the cost.

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